Let Dental Fillings Restore the Function of your Teeth

You may need dental fillings for a number of reasons but they serve the most important function of restoring the integrity and primary function of teeth. You may not even be aware that you actually need fillings. Most of the time a patient can walk into a dental clinic complaining of a toothache or a simple routine cleaning can lead a dentist to recommend this type of treatment. Whatever the reason, you need a dentist who has the proper experience to do it right.

In Miami Lakes, FL that dentist can be found at All Dental Group. If the dentist determines that you need dental fillings, a thorough examination of the general health of your teeth is needed. If you have a cavity, it will first have to be removed before the dentist can put the filling material on the tooth. Local anaesthesia is used to numb the gums around the tooth and also prevent pain. Once the decayed part of the tooth has been removed, the dentist will then clean the area to remove any lingering bacteria and debris.

The dental filling is then applied to the tooth and allowed to dry. The dentist at the Miami Lakes, FL clinic will then proceed to polish the tooth as a final touch. The staff at the clinic is highly trained to offer this procedure in a gentle and caring manner to help reduce pain an anxiety in patients. The clinic also guarantees that the procedure will be successful at restoring the function and integrity of your teeth.

Call All Dental Group today to make an appointment and find out if you need dental fillings.