Periodontal Surgery in Miami Lakes, FL

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Teeth are not the sole parts of the mouth which require appropriate care. Our gums must also be taken care of. In instances where the gums are improperly taken care of, periodontal illness and gum deterioration can happen. When this occurs, the gum tissues, bones and periodontal ligaments might lose their capability to efficiently support teeth.

Bringing back the capability of the gums to appropriately support teeth can be done by means of periodontal surgery. At All Dental Group we provide this treatment for patients with serious gum problems.


What You Ought to Know

Also called gum surgery, the key objective of periodontal surgery is to bring back, rearrange, or improve the gums. The surgery does not get rid of the illness itself. Instead, it is a procedure that assists in reducing the danger of getting periodontitis.


When You Require It

  • Cleaning and Decrease of Periodontal Pockets

Even with daily at-home or care, a few gum pockets might be too hard to reach and clean because of their depth. The accumulation of plaque and calculus under the gum line turns out to be a danger for the occurrence of gum disease. Gum surgery can aid in removing this intensely embedded dirt while making pocket sizes more minute.

  • Re-growing Gum Tissue

When gum disease is untreated, it can lead to the loss of bone and gum structure. This leaves no teeth surface to be appropriately connected to and will fall out. Surgery can assist in restoring and strengthening the gums and bone.

  • Better Your Teeth’s Appearance

Teeth might become worn out, terribly decayed, or even fractured and immersed in the gum line. In cases such as this, bringing back the tooth might be hard. Periodontal surgery can assist with excess gum removal.

  • Fixed Injured Jaw Bones

When gum disease goes in the inside of the gums, the bones on which the teeth are connected also become affected. Loss of bone around the teeth might take place, or the bone might develop abnormalities. Surgery can aid in fixing an abnormal bone surface and also decrease periodontal pockets.

  • Better the Appearance of the Gum Line

In a few cases where periodontal disease is not the problem, periodontal surgery might still be necessary for visual reasons. Specific procedures can assist with decreasing or elevating the amount of gum tissue, which covers the teeth.


To know if you may need periodontal surgery, schedule an appointment at the All Dental Group clinic in Miami Lakes FL.