Bone Graft

People lose their teeth for various reasons. Some lose teeth due to lack of oral care, while others may have lost theirs because of an accident. Then there are also people who lose their teeth because of gum disease. Regardless of the cause, the lack of teeth can result in atrophy of the jawbones. When the bone beneath shrinks, the rest of the teeth can become affected.

Before new teeth can be restored, the bone must first be treated and augmented in order to create a wider surface for teeth to be attached. The process for this is known as bone grafting.

Also known as bone augmentation, this dental regenerative procedure aims to restore the bone by building it. This procedure is offered at our Miami Lakes, FL office. This is applicable in cases where the bones are not wide enough or high enough.

The main purpose of the procedure is to encourage the body to begin rebuilding the bone and other structures surrounding it. More often than not, bone grafts are done in preparation for dental implants. The procedure provides a surface that is large enough for the implants to be attached to. Other times, bone grafting can be done to preserve facial bones. The shrinking of these bones due to tooth loss can affect how a person looks and make him or her look old.

What Happens During the Procedure?

Patients undergoing this procedure may opt for local anesthesia or sedation at the onset.

In order to reach the bone beneath, the gum is lifted in the areas where augmentation is needed. A piece of bone from another area such as the chin is then removed along with the bone marrow. This piece is attached with the use of titanium screws to the area where more bone is needed.

The area is covered with a thin film or another material to prevent the gums from growing into the area while it is healing. This also prevents the bone from growing irregularly. The gums are then stitched and closed.

Aside from a person’s own bone, other graft materials may be used for the procedure. Cow bone and synthetic glasses are some other common graft materials being used.

Being an outpatient procedure, most patients are able to return to their home a few hours after the procedure is completed. Close monitoring is done during the healing process to ensure that the bone develops properly as needed.

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