Dental Bridge

If you have a gap in your teeth, a dental bridge can fix it. Dental bridges are able to sort of bridge the gap that exists between your teeth, including gaps created by one or several lost teeth. A dental bridge is comprised of two or more crowns. These are placed on the teeth on any side of the gap.

The Benefits of Bridges

When you come to our dental office in Miami Lakes, FL for your first visit, we will examine your teeth to determine the right dental solution you need. Dental bridges can provide plenty of benefits. These include the ability to bring back your beautiful smile if you’re missing a few teeth. A dental bridge can also restore your ability to chew or talk properly.

Furthermore, dental bridges may be suitable for patients who want to maintain the shape of their faces. A bridge can also distribute the pressure in your bite via a replacement of any missing tooth or teeth. Not only that, bridges can even prevent any of your current teeth from moving out of their position.

How It’s Done

On your first visit, we will prepare your abutment teeth. Recontouring of said teeth will be needed and this is done by taking away a part of enamel in order to give room for a crown to be positioned over it. Afterwards, impressions of your teeth are going to be made and these will be used as a model so that the bridge, pontic and crowns can be made at a dental laboratory and ensure the right fit. Our dentist will give you a temporary bridge so you can protect your exposed gums and teeth while waiting for the final bridge to be manufactured. It usually takes two to three weeks.

Once the dental lab has sent back the bridge and other necessary components, you’ll need to come back for your second visit. The temporary bridge will be removed and our experienced dentist will make sure the permanent bridge will fit you perfectly. Sometimes multiple visits are necessary in order to make sure the fit is right. Once the fit is ideal, our dentist will then cement the bridge in place.

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