People want a perfect smile but many need help to achieve it. Thanks to clear orthodontic devices called aligners such as Invisalign®, you can get a beautiful smile with having to turn to old-fashioned, uncomfortable braces.

Aligners are tight-fitting retainers that are custom-made to slip over your teeth and Invisalign® is the biggest manufacturer of clear aligners.

All Dental Group which is located in Miami Lakes, Florida, that can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted with the help of Invisalign®.

Candidates for Invisalign®

Since Invisalign® is an invisible aligner that is custom-built for each patient to ensure a tight fit, it is suitable for teens and adults alike. But keep in mind that it’s not recommended for young kids. The younger someone is, the more their teeth are still developing and growing. This is a factor our dentist will be considering when putting together a treatment plan.

Clear orthodontic aligners are usually for patients who have mild to moderate cases of crowded teeth. Patients with minor spacing problems can also benefit from Invisalign®. As for those who have severe spacing or crowding problems in their teeth as well as people with severe overbites, underbites or crossbites – they may require a more complicated treatment.

Our dental professionals will gently examine your teeth and let you know if Invisalign® is the right treament for you or if an alternative dental procedure is necessary.

How Invisalign® Works

Once our dentist or orthodontist figures out how to correct your bite, they'll create a plan for positioning your teeth to align them better. If Invisalign® is the recommended choice, expect to be fitted for several versions before they’re placed. Our dentist will make slight adjustments when necessary to move your teeth to the correct position during the course of treatment.

Invisalign® is made from clear materials and are meant to fit snugly over your teeth. They can be removed when you eat, brush or floss. You'll be given a new aligner every few weeks in order to keep moving your teeth into their proper position.

Treatment time will vary. The more severe the issue is, the longer the treatment will be. Most treatments take about a year however you may need to wear your Invisalign® aligners anywhere from ten months to two years.

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