Partial Dentures

If you’re missing several teeth, a partial denture may be necessary to bring back your smile and improve the functions of the rest of your teeth. A denture is a removable replacement dental device that may be recommended for those who are only missing a few teeth. Here at All Dental Group we offer dental solutions including partial dentures.

What to Expect

Schedule an appointment and come to our office in Miami Lakes, FL for an initial consultation. Our dentist will gently examine your mouth and recommend the appropriate dental solution for you. If you’re missing teeth but not an entire set of them, a removable partial denture may be what you need.

Partial dentures are essentially replacement teeth which are attached to a gum-colored base. These are at times joined by metal framework which is there to hold the denture in place inside your mouth.

Not only can partial dentures fill in the gaps that exist because of missing teeth, they may prevent your remaining natural teeth from moving away from their original position. A partial denture is removable and comes with internal attachments instead of clasps that join the adjacent crowns. This creates a look that is more natural.

How Partial Dentures are Made

Expect your partial dentures to be completed in approximately three to six weeks. You will have to make multiple visits to our office. Once our dentist has decided on the type of dental appliance that is suitable for your needs, the first thing they’ll do is to create several impressions of your jaw.

We will make a mold of your teeth to ensure we get the right shape, color and fit. A final denture will be made and placed on your teeth for fitting. Your new dentures might feel a little loose or odd during the first few weeks. But you will feel more comfortable wearing them when the muscles of your tongue and cheeks have adjusted to the dentures.

With properly created and fitted dentures, you’ll be able to chew food well, speak without any impediments and most importantly, smile with confidence. A great smile can significantly improve your overall appearance. If you’re missing a few teeth, consider getting partial dentures.

If you think you can benefit from wearing partial dentures, get in touch with All Dental Group by calling (786) 724-0268. Make an appointment today.

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