Periodontal Surgery

Teeth are not the only parts of the mouth which need proper care. Our gums need to be cared for as well. In cases where the gums are not properly cared for, periodontal disease and gum deterioration can occur. When this happens the gum tissues, the bones and periodontal ligaments may lose their ability to effectively support teeth.

Restoring the ability of the gums to properly support teeth can be done through periodontal surgery and at All Dental Group we offer this treatment for patients with severe gum problems.

What You Should Know

Also known as gum surgery, the main goal of periodontal surgery is to restore, restructure or reform the gums. The surgery does not remove the disease itself. Rather, it is a process that helps reduce the risk of developing periodontitis.

When You Need It

  • Cleaning and Reduction of Periodontal Pockets
    Even with daily oral care at home, some gum pockets may be too difficult to reach and clean due to their depth. The buildup of plaque and calculus below the gum line becomes a risk for the occurrence of gum disease. Gum surgery can help to remove these deeply embedded dirt while making pocket sizes smaller.
  • Re-growing Gum Tissue
    When gum disease is not treated it can result in the loss of bone and gum structure. This leaves no surface for teeth to be properly attached to and will fall out. Surgery can help to restore and strengthen the gums and bone.
  • Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth
    Teeth may become worn out, badly decayed or even broken and sunken into the gum line. In cases like this, restoring the tooth may be difficult. Periodontal surgery can help with the removal of excess gums.
  • Repair Damaged Jaw Bones
    When gum disease reaches in the inside of the gums, the bones on which the teeth are attached become affected as well. Bone loss around the teeth may occur, or the bone may develop irregularities. Surgery can help fix an irregular bone surface and reduce periodontal pockets as well.
  • Improve Gum Line Appearance
    In some cases where periodontal disease is not the problem, periodontal surgery may still be required for aesthetic reasons. Certain procedures can help with reducing or increasing the amount of gum tissue which covers the teeth.

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