Zoom!® Whitening System in
Miami Lakes

Teeth discoloration is no longer a big problem today because there are many whitening options available. Here in our Miami Lakes, Florida dental office, we offer Zoom!® Whitening System, which is an effective way to remove discoloration quickly and safely.

Zoom!® Whitening System in Miami Lakes

How Zoom!® Whitening Works

Zoom!® Whitening accelerates the bleaching rate with the use of a patent technology known as the Zoom!® Advanced Power Chairside Lamp. Our dentist will cover your gums and lips and leave your teeth exposed. The Zoom!® whitening gel is then applied on your teeth, and we will leave it there for approximately 15 minutes while the Zoom!® light works on your teeth.

Zoom!® breaks up stains and lightens discoloration in less than one hour. The total number of treatment time for Zoom!® whitening is 45 minutes, and depending on the severity of the discoloration, you may need several treatments to get the shade you want.

It’s a painless procedure that can quickly whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter in just one visit. If you are anxious about the procedure or if you have a tendency to gag, we can provide a sedative to make you comfortable. If you have extremely sensitive teeth, we can also administer local anesthesia. But in most cases, it’s not necessary at all.

The Zoom!® teeth whitening system may cause the skin of a patient to become sensitive during the treatment as a result of the minimal heat produced by the light; a slight tingling in the skin occurs immediately after application, but don’t worry, this sensation dissipates just as quickly as it happens.

Why You Need Teeth Whitening

There are many reasons people want to whiten their teeth, but in general, it all boils down to improving your looks. Whitening the teeth is a very inexpensive way to look younger and more attractive. When you have sparkling teeth, you’ll feel confident about yourself and being in social situations won’t make you embarrassed or self-conscious. Many of our patients avail of the Zoom!® Whitening System because they are getting married or attending a wedding, preparing for a first date or even preparing for an important job interview.

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Yahaira T.

I've been coming here since February 2013 and before I found this office I didn't feel as comfortable as I feel everytime I come here. The whole staff is excellent! They're friendly and professional. Dr. Gherbali is amazing, I don't change her for anything. I don't live close to the office yet I still come because simply is just worth it.

Iraines R.

I was recommended to this practice by a friend and I am really thankful that she made this suggestion. My husband and I have been a patients at this dental practice for about 3 years and we are both EXTREMELY happy with the treatment that we receive. The office staff and the doctors are friendly, professional and always looking out for our best interest. The entire staff makes our dentist visits enjoyable!!

Vanler N.

I been coming to this office for years. I referred a lot of my family here. We are all very happy here. You will be taken care and have an amazing experince with all the team members.
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